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NFT BOMB is a decentralized exchange that tokenizes NFT projects and makes them tradable everywhere. NFT BOMB works over the target of giving investors, collectors, and project owners a better way of trading and valuing NFT tokens. The key feature of NFT is that any user can add their NFT to the appropriate pool. He can then receive tokens, which implies that the NFT project can instantly be traded over exchanges. As of current, NFT Bomb is creating an NFT ecosystem. The characters created by different influencers and artists will also be included in the NFT ecosystem.

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Where / How to Buy NFT Crypto Tokens

Private Sale

Total Allocation

12.4 M

Start Date
End Date
Price 0.015$


Round 1

Total Allocation

12.4 M

Start Date
End Date
Price 0.02$
Minimum Allocation 100$

Round 2

Total Allocation

7.08 M

Start Date
End Date
Price 0.025$
Minimum Allocation 100$

Round 3

Total Allocation

11.22 M

Start Date
End Date
Price 0.03$
Minimum Allocation 100$

Public Sale

Total Allocation

0.87 M

Start Date
End Date
Price 0.035$
Minimum Allocation 100$

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NFT Bomb is The Best NFT Minting Platform


NFT bomb aimed at incentivizing block chain gamification and NFT assets. Both products form the very core of emerging markets for the future. Nevertheless, it is important to redefine the incentivizing of NFT assets and the game platform. This will unleash the full power of both industries through blockchain.


NFT bomb aims to get more opportunities for gaming lovers and the NFT creator, and utilizing their assets effectively and entirely. It aims to bring Defi into real-world services, products and assets, and gaming with the use of digital collectible NFTs. NFT Bomb aims at creating an ecosystem that is truly decentralized, to enable cross-platform trading of the virtual items, minting, and final ownership.


Our main focus is to build an innovative platform to offer the following bombshell products:


NFT Creation

It allows a user to make his/her NFT artwork. This may be in the form of an image or a GIF. The processes are reasonably straightforward and do not call for knowledge of the crypto industry. NFT artwork may alternately be used for creating collectibles, such as sets of digital cards.


NFT Minting

The key focus area of the NFT bomb project is to incentivize the users. This upkeeps the strength of the NFT Bomb token. The key feature of the NFT bomb project is NFT mining. Herein, the user participates in special mining NFT events. This is to earn even more NFT bomb tokens.



The farming and Liquidity process combines NFT and Defi. Herein, a user can mint exclusive NFTs by staking NFTB tokens. A user hence provides the liquidity of bomb tokens with additional pairs. This way, he earns bomb tokens as rewards.


NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace is a digital marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and crypto collectibles. It allows a user to sell, buy and discover collectibles and exclusive digital assets. This creates a decentralized space, wherein a user can sell, purchase and create his NFTs at a fair price. This not just yields rewards, but also earns bomb tokens for a user.



Launchpad refers to a community-governed platform over which capital is raised for BSC projects. For addressing several problems from across the world, communities make an important contributor. NFT bomb has the opinion that when given access to the right tools, communities can all get together.



NFT Bomb gives gamers a chance at making use of the platform for mining or earning $NFTB through playing games. The use of $NFTB tokens allows users to mine gaming assets. They can be used in the games, at a later point in time to make the game characters more powerful. This, in turn, increases the gamers’ potential to win and earn.


NFT Bomb is putting in place the foundation of an ecosystem that is truly decentralized. It will enable cross-platform trading of the virtual items, minting, and final ownership. This makes it easier for game developers to easily bootstrap and decouple their in-game currency systems and economic structures.


$NFTB Allocation

Token Name NFTB
Total Supply 95,000,000
Private / Public Sale 44,000,000
Liquidity 10,000,000
Team / Development / Operations 10,000,000
Tokens left for minting / staking rewards 31,000,000

Token Distribution



The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread, The origin platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.